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Distributed object environment by dRuby


My life with dRuby

dRuby is

dRuby functions

dRuby world

dRuby world 2

dRuby: fig10

dRuby world 3

Call by value, call by reference



dRuby: fig12

RWiki rw-cgi

dRuby: fig5

Load distribution by TupleSpace

dRuby: fig4

dRuby implementation

Method invocation

dRuby: fig2

Structure of the message

dRuby: fig6

Reference solution

dRuby: fig14


GCed example

dRuby: fig7

Avoid GC by iterator

dRuby: fig9


Time limited GC


Development in progress

Distributed debugger

dRuby: fig13

Thank you


Contribution to here.

Translator: SUGIHARA, Hiroshi; alias SugHimsi