Some blunt FAQs.

Q. Are you proprietary?
A. No, I'm free. (^-^)
My license is Ruby's, for Ruby :-) You can follow me, copy me, blahblahblah, and even fix my bugs :-) :-)
Q. Why do you wear glasses?
A. -OO-.
Q. How old are you?
A. Seventeen.
Q. Why are you seventeen?
  1. Babel 17 :-)
  2. py = weight.unit_ton.to_i; r = py.succ; p r;#-)
  3. I like m17n. (^_^)
Q. The real question is: Why again are you seventeen this year?
A. Ahmm, please reread the first Q&A.
Q. What's your name?
A. My name is Riu Rino.
Q. Why is your name Rino?
  1. "Ruby is not opal."
  2. "Relative Intensity Noise Optimal!" (^O^)
Q. Are you a student?
A. Yes, I'm in a senior high.
Q. What are you doing now?
A. I'm keen about reading weblogs. Some day I decided to make my own, coolest blog; so now I'm studying how to make it in Ruby. Hey, what's a beautiful wonderful language!
Q. Is there any real-world model for you?
A. No; at least, I believe there aren't.


Any more question?